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Focus On... 'A Unique Choice': Glide Sliding Doors

Focus On... 'A Unique Choice': Glide Sliding Doors

In this second 'Focus On' instalment of our 'A Unique Choice' kitchen and bedroom brochures, we'll delve into the world of aluminum profiles, panel configurations and décor options of our Glide Sliding Doors.

Focus On… Glide Sliding Bedroom Doors

Whilst there are plenty of sliding doors out there to choose from, we take particular pride in saying that our Glide Sliding Doors really are the ultimate when it comes to quality, reliability and choice. Made at our Oldham HQ by our specialist sliding doors technicians, each and every sliding door track is manufactured from aluminum rather than steel, resulting in a high-end door system that will stand the test of time, year after year.

Available in three track colours and profiles, we can create a framework that perfectly complements your customer's bedroom design and décor. They can choose between aluminum, champagne or black finishes, and select either the 31mm wide Primo profile or the sleeker 22mm wide Lucine or Ronda profiles.

There are over 200 décors to choose from, covering materials from our 18mm Cut & Edged range, together with any currently available décor from our PVC and vinyl wrapped door ranges. Of course, there's the range of coloured / mirrored glass options too.

Better still, you can offer your customers a mix and match panel configuration to suit their own tastes and design requirements: checker board effects, single colour panel effect or a split across the middle, it's all possible! Adhesive divider strips are available to give the visual effect of a multiple panel door.

Each door is made to measure to your customer's specific and exact requirements, and comes with a 6 year guarantee, as well as soft closing mechanisms with every unit for a smooth and premium feel.

And to go that extra mile, why not direct your customers to the wirework and accessories section of our brochure, where they can choose some stunning add-ons that make everyday use an absolute breeze. The new Slim Storage System is ideal for bedrooms, and existing Vibo wirework products can easily be integrated into this minimalist profiled design.

Log into your HPP account here and try out the Glide Sliding Door Builder.

And don't forget we also have a range of sliding door samples to help you sell the Glide concept to your customers!

Glide Sliding Doors - Range Summary

  • Made to measure up to 2400mm high and 1220mm wide
  • Larger sizes available on request
  • Quick 10 day lead time
  • Over 100 panel finishes
  • 3 track & frame colour options
  • 3 frame profile options
  • High quality aluminum frame door and track
  • Soft close on every door
  • Available in one or three panel designs
  • Adhesive cross rails available

Focus On... 'A Unique Choice': The Aspects Range

Focus On... 'A Unique Choice': The Aspects Range

It's now been a few months since we launched our 'A Unique Choice' brand, at the heart of which are the visually stunning and informative kitchen and bedroom brochures.

The new brand has been developed to give you inspirational imagery, exciting rooms sets and innovative design concepts that will help show your customers what you can deliver, and to what standards too.

To help you learn a little more about each of the ranges, we're going to be focusing on one kitchen and one bedroom range each month, giving you some juicy insights that might just help encourage your next customer to make that final purchase decision.

If you've not seen a brochure yet, it's easy to request physical copies or download PDF versions by logging into your trade account here: www.hpponline.co.uk/a-unique-choice or call our Sales team on 0161 620 5656.

In this first instalment of these features on the 'A Unique Choice' brand, we're going to focus on the extensive spectrum of options available from the Aspects Bedroom and Kitchen Doors range: a premium, bespoke, made to measure door range that is bang on-trend and bursting with innovative lines that boasts over 100 décors ranging from rustic wood grain textures right through to cutting edge gloss finishes, and pretty much everything in between.

The Aspects Collection is split into five unique ranges: Signature, Shades, Reflections, PerfectSense and Impressions.

Here's a little more about each…


If high-end texture and luxury is key to your customer, this might just be the range for them. The Aspects Signature range delivers some of the most tactile and visually pleasing materials on the market to date, with highly precise manufacturing processes that deliver texture, quality and finishes like no other.

With each door being made to measure, and available in 24 décors, these lend themselves perfectly to a wide range of styles, tastes, and room shapes and come with a reassuring 6-year guarantee.


Not unlike 50 shades, there are some décors and finishes in this range sure to get your customers hearts racing, as the Aspects Shades collection delivers premium high gloss acrylic door components that have superior scratch resistance and a choice of matching or contrasting PVC edging.

Each Aspects Shades door is made to measure exactly how you need it, and is available on quick turnaround times with hinge hole drilling available, making the install an easier one for you whilst out on site. And of course, this range also comes with our 6-year guarantee, giving you and your customers total peace of mind.


If fun and vibrant is part of your next project's brief, Aspects Reflections might just be what you should direct your clients to look at. This stimulating range of doors brings a wealth of premium bold and unique gloss décors, that deliver highly contemporary and on-trend finishes that are exceptionally glossy, setting them apart from many competitors within the market.

The range has 20 décors to choose from, with everything from vivid Lime Grass and Marmara Blue, right through to smooth and sophisticated Ceylon Macassar and Havana mirror gloss. Each door comes with a 6-year guarantee.


A perfectly formed collection of Aspects is the PerfectSense range of lacquered doors, which are much more than just your conventional door thanks to a completely new finishing process. The special coating method with UV paint technology enhances the surface look and feel, which was previously only available in certain high-end products.

PerfectSense has an exclusive range of 13 colours to choose from (7 gloss and 6 matt finishes), with each door being made to measure to exacting standards.

The PerfectSense Gloss range offers some truly premium and striking options: the luxurious finish creates a flawless surface that reflects light and makes spaces look larger. By contrast but by no means a lesser option, is the PerfectSense Matt range. Driven by market demand for muted yet high quality décors, the finish is velvety-smooth and its special No-Fingerprint coating ensures smudges and smears are a thing of the past.


If your next kitchen project is all about texture, woodgrain and tactile features, then Impressions is going to do just what you need, and more! The range is packed with realistic woodgrain and grained paint-effect décors, all of which help to build a premium look and feel without the need for a huge budget.

Available in over 35 décors, spanning a wide range of popular timber finishes, Aspects Impressions delivers in terms of quality, reliability and budget, whilst also allowing for inspiring designs and finishes to be achieved, all of which is backed by our 6-year guarantee.

The choice offered by the entire Aspects Doors collection is remarkable: there's a décor finish for every installation style, any client requirement, any budget. Matt, gloss, woodgrain patterned or textured, the range is staggering. The range of door décors, coupled with the HPP 6-year guarantee, makes for a winning combination that should enable you, our trade customers, to seal the sales deal with your clients.

Bedroom Trends 2015

Hacienda White PVC Edged Furniture

With bedrooms becoming a more important space within modern living, consumers are wanting to inject more colour, personality and interesting materials into their place of slumber, generating an environment that is warm, relaxing and able to serve multiple purposes, such as rest, leisure, work and much more.

With this in mind, we're finding that the bedroom trends of 2015 are looking equally as vast and varied as those ever changing consumer needs.

2014 saw a bit of a battle going on between contemporary and vintage styles, but this year we are seeing that the two can work seamlessly together, in a way that enhances the finished bedroom design and creates a stunning, unique space.

This integration of two styles strongly reflects the diversity of modern day living.

Take a neutral looking bedroom of 2013 for example; likely to comprise of safer colour schemes and flatter textures and materials, this still works well for some, but it may be lacking in personality, character and depth for others.

Those who are interested in staying current and in line with existing trends are more likely to want to create a fashion statement with the use of bolder materials, textures, colours and combinations of materials.

One way of achieving the perfect mix this year would be to incorporate innovative and highly textured materials such as the XyloCleaf range of boards, which offer interesting colours, patterns and textures that are tactile to the touch and very unique in their appearance.

This popular look tends to work well when mixed with both vintage style and clean-cut lines, incorporating bright glossy colours many might not think to usually include with a more vintage, timeless theme.

There are a variety of ways to inject some personality and colour successfully; whether this is done through vibrant wall décor, vinyl wrapped furnishings, sleek door panels, stylish handles, panelled walls or simple room accessories and soft furnishings.

Another trend to consider which has a cross over with vintage is the shabby chic look.

With its rustic feel, natural wood finishes that have a distressed or highly textured pattern easily compliment the whole shabby chic theme. Again, you don't have to commit wholly to a nature-centric style here as this design also works well with sparkling ornate light fittings and basic decoration such as floral or patterned wall décor. There is something very current about a bedroom that hosts a contrast between extravagance and nature.

Whilst your customer may want to achieve that timeless antique appearance, it's still paramount to integrate some modern luxuries to keep things practical and usable too.

With the hectic lifestyles of most British people, there is a growing need for organisation in the bedroom so that it can remain a relaxing and well-organised retreat.

This can be easily achieved with a behind the scenes storage system. For example, you could construct a wealth of contemporary wardrobe wirework but hide it behind visually pleasing door panels; complete with any combination of door handles to uphold the look your customer wants.

For more information and advice about our bedroom products, why not call in to our trade counter or check out our range online.

Optimising Small Bedroom Design And Storage

Optimising Small Bedroom Design And Storage

The beauty of working with such a wide array of customers is that we see a stunning range of bedroom furniture designs and solutions that meet very individual consumer needs, whether that project requires walk-in wardrobes, sliding wardrobe doors or clever space saving ideas, there's always something new to look at or another way of doing things.

We recently saw a client project that managed to make the absolute most of a tight bedroom space to increase overall storage and generally make it a more pleasant environment to be in. The finished product was a testament to what could be achieved with a really good design and a little forward planning.

We thought we'd share some tips with you below:

The sky's the limit - or should we say the ceiling anyway! One of the key things we've found is that vertical space is quite often forgotten about or ignored, meaning that bedroom furniture designs are based more on floor area rather than overall room capacity.

If you're working on a design for a particularly tight bedroom space, it makes good sense to use the height of the room wherever possible. A great way of doing this is to actually elevate the bed, and create a practical storage space underneath it. Whilst some adults might not like this elevated position, kids tend to love it (providing the necessary safety precautions are taken into consideration), so it's a great idea to make kids rooms more fun too.

The space gained underneath the bed can then be used to provide additional cupboard or drawer space, and even a little office area for the kids' computer or television, or just a quiet space for doing homework.

Even in a bedroom where the height can't be used to this same extent, there are many possibilities to squeeze a little extra storage out of a space without making the room look too dark and cramped.

By specifying a fitted bed, rather than a freestanding option, the overall size and shape can be made to suit the size of the room, its layout, and to match the décor of other fitted furniture within the room. Storage compartments, such as drawers or cupboards can then be fitted underneath which helps to hide away items in a more accessible manner whilst optimising your storage, we've even seen integrated side tables that come out from under the bed, meaning they can be tucked away when not needed to allow for more floor space at other times of the day.

Glide into action: As houses have become smaller over time as the price of land increases, so too have the headaches for bedroom designers trying to make the space function well whilst feeling large and airy without compromising on space and storage.

One of the keys to making this work in a small space is the use of sliding doors, such as the Glide range of bedroom sliding doors from HPP. Compared to a tradition front opening door, sliding bedroom doors help to maximise the available floor space, meaning that where normal doors may otherwise interfere with other furniture items in the bedroom, sliding doors do not, providing a better experience for the consumer, and a better, more spacious overall look and feel.

These doors can be specified in a wide variety of decors and finishes, from vinyl wrapped board to mirrors and polished glass, meaning that any design and taste can almost certainly be catered for.

Using those nooks and crannies: Whilst newer homes are smaller, rooms do tend to be easier to work with than older houses as they are much more square and flat. Older houses quite often have odd shapes or small awkward spaces that make storage or just general use of the space difficult, but again, following some of our customers' latest project tips and advice, we can see just how well these spaces can be used.

Through building fitted furniture and using specialist fittings, awkward spaces such as roof pitches, alcoves and angled walls can be integrated with in a way that maximises the space, and often tidies up the look of the space in question. For awkward areas that are hard to reach, electrically operated openers can be used, with extendable arms that pull cupboard contents out past the actual cabinet to make items easy to view, access or store.

With the use of the right products, a bit of ingenuity and great design, almost anything can be accomplished with fitted bedroom furniture to ensure rooms still feel spacious, whilst offering storage that otherwise wouldn't be achievable through the use of free-standing furniture.

Hotel Luxury For Your Customers' Homes

Crema Gloss and Grey Brown Avola Pine

Creating the perfect bedroom design can be tricky as consumers' tastes vary wildly along with their room sizes, shapes, and overall budget, all of which can often dictate the finished design, materials and specification of the bedroom.

After recently speaking to a customer who had been asked to create a hotel style bedroom, we thought it was a topic worth covering to provide some ideas and tips on how best to achieve the utmost in luxury hotel experience at home.

The first port of call is without doubt materials.

The most luxurious of hotels use different materials, textures and design schemes to create a true feeling of luxury, quality and interest.

By selecting a range of complimentary, high quality and tactile materials, a theme, mood and atmosphere can be set. The colours chosen can also affect the end finish too, so make sure to use deep, luxurious colours that opitimise luxury and opulence.

With your colour scheme and textures in place, lighting and technology is an absolute must. The use of mood lighting for a relaxing evening, as well as bright, vibrant lighting for those dark winter mornings help the room provide not only luxury when needed, but a more practical side for everyday living too.

Entertainment (AV) is becoming the norm in luxury hotels at present, so integrating this into the bedroom design is a great idea and offers a great way for consumers to relax and unwind in their new luxurious sanctuary. Consider an integrated sound system that tucks away neatly within the furniture build, and maybe a concealed TV screen or projector for watching TV or films.

Zone planning plays a key part in the process too, so make sure zones are clearly defined and obvious; from a space for sitting and reading, to eating Sunday breakfast and everything in between, making sure there are zones to satisfy your customers needs can make all the difference.

To add a real touch of luxury, consider adding items such as walk-in wardrobes, a four-poster bed and even consider including a bath-tub or sofa in the room (if space allows) to give it that real air of quality and indulgence.

The finishing touches to a room (although often outside many of our customers remit) can also build on and enhance the finished effect, so consider offering advice to customers on their supporting light fittings, decoration and soft furnishings, as these will complete the look and ensure the hard work carried out in perfecting the furniture and general bedroom design doesn't go un-noticed due to none-complimentary items elsewhere in the room.

Oversized bedroom furniture - make a real statement

Hacienda Black & White oversized furniture

Great design quite often adds a 'wow factor', making people look twice to admire what's been created, and a great way of achieving this, providing your customers have the space is to create a very large statement with oversized bedroom furniture.

Creating a truly enormous piece of bedroom furniture helps to add an instant feeling of comfort, opulence and luxury, which after all, is what many consumers are demanding from their fitted bedroom furniture these days.

One obvious area to do this is through a bespoke, and very large bed. Quite often we see the bed being forgotten in bedroom furniture projects, but this can be a key component in creating a truly amazing design statement.

By creating something bespoke and unique, and preferably oversized, the bed can play a critical part as a centrepiece to the overall design, adding style, substance and a great visual impact, whilst complimenting the surround bedroom furniture, fixtures and fittings.

If your customer can't stretch to the full bed, consider designing an item such as an oversized headboard which is a great way to make the most of the space available, whilst emphasising the bed itself and making it the focal point of the room.

This could be anything from a chic paneled headboard to match the rest of the bespoke bedroom furniture, or potentially a luxurious upholstered piece that matches the soft furnishings instead.

This idea of making it big can be transferred into other areas too. Items such as large and extravagant walk-in dressing rooms are becoming very popular, which play not only a functional role, but add an air of luxury and quality to the bedroom design.

Fitted furniture, such as wardrobes and storage units are without doubt a staple for this market too, meaning that demand for larger, more luxurious styles and finishes are increasing, with most consumers now wanting floor to ceiling units with slick paneled doors and high quality hinges and accessories.

Demand in recent months for precision embossed materials has soared also, with the higher-end market demanding finely crafted fitted furniture, which is large and quite often clever in its approach, concealing audio visual units and everyday items such as toothbrush chargers, laptops, phone chargers and even mini home offices.

With people on average spending around one third of their life in bed, it's key to make the space not only functional, but a space to really relax and unwind in. Through the use of well-designed and well thought through oversized furniture, consumers are able to feel at home, be totally relaxed and immersed in true luxury without the need to ever leave the comfort of their own bedroom.

Planning A Walk In Wardrobe

Consumers who are fortunate enough to have the extra space available are spending money on creating walk-in-wardrobes. This trend has increased more and more in recent years, and as such we’ve seen a big change in tastes, fashions and trends that relate to this luxury item, so we thought we’d share a little bit of what we’ve found, just in case your next project just so happens to be a walk-in-wardrobe.

The first and most important factor is that the space has to be functional, obvious yes, but quite often overlooked. From speaking with the trade, a decent amount of discussion with the consumer is the best way to make sure the design works well for them, and the items being put in the space once it’s finished. This includes planning the type of material, finish, layout of shelves, drawers and rails, as well as giving careful consideration to the type of wirework products that might make the design even better and more functional.

As walk-in-wardrobes tend to be put in an otherwise unused space, the likelihood is that lighting will be needed due to many of these spaces have little or no natural light. A great tip is to use Sensio spot lights, which provide a crisp low voltage light, great for task lighting, but can also be dimmed to create an ambient light if required.

Lighting within the cabinet is also key, so consider using any of the Sensio strip lights, which can be cleverly tucked under shelves, cornices and plinths to provide a more stunning and attractive lighting design. A new product to HPP is the Sensio Rechargeable rail light, which activates upon sensing movement (via a PIR sensor), another great idea if electricity supplies are out of reach.

If ceiling height is available, make sure to utilise that as much as possible too. Double hanging is a very space efficient way of presenting clothes, and is normally within easy reach for most people. If the position of the second rail is too high, a handy designer stool or small step-ladder can be added for easier access.

A lot of consumers feel that walk in wardrobes have to built into a perfectly square or rectangular space, but some of the projects our customers have recently worked on make the most of the least obvious spaces, including L-shaped walk in wardrobes, as well as curved and very angular spaces.

To finish the look and provide a truly luxurious effect, our Glide range of sliding doors give the appearance of a normal wardrobe from within the bedroom, but then slide open to reveal a breath taking walk-in-wardrobe.

With the right design, and the right board, doors and fittings, almost anything is possible. If you need help or advice planning your next walk-in-wardrobe project, why not speak to one of our advisors at HPP who can talk you through what you’re likely to need, and also provide handy tips on how best to implement it all.

Add some sparkle with glass and mirrored door insets

Add some sparkle with glass and mirrored door insets

Glass and mirrors can be used to make a great design statement for any kitchen or bedroom project, or on a more practical note, can also be incorporated into a design to help reflect light around the space, making it seem larger and more spacious.

Insets aren’t new to the KBB market, but with advances in materials and technology, the ways in which they can be integrated into a kitchen or bedroom design is becoming more innovative and design focused.

There are now literally hundreds of variations available on the market, from highly polished coloured glass panels, right through to subtle frosted panes that elegantly mask the contents of the cupboard or wardrobe it covers.

Mirrored insets can also provide a very practical solution in smaller bedrooms where wall space is at a premium, as it allows for the door to double up as a mirror, whilst helping to bounce light around, making it a more pleasant place to be.

Glass and mirrored insets can be finished in a number of ways, such as beveled edges, engraved detailing on the panel itself or simply inserted within the stile of the door to provide a clean, square edge.

They are becoming increasingly popular for bedrooms due to how easily they can be integrated into sliding doors, which are more space efficient, quicker, easier and cheaper to install than traditional carcass and door combinations, which tend to be more labour and material intensive.

Kitchen door designs can also be enhanced through the use of glass and mirrors, and offer the same benefits to that of bedroom designs. Many kitchen designers opt to add subtle back-lighting within the cabinet, which helps to showcase the contents of the cupboard through the glass inset, or provide a soft ambient glow when used with frosted or coloured glass.

If you’re thinking of incorporating glass or mirrors into your next bedroom or kitchen project, why not call into our trade counter to see what options are available, or call us on 0161 628 6100.

Textures Gaining Pace

Kitchen trends have been changing over the last few years, and thanks to the introduction of new and innovative materials, finishes and production processes, there is a much wider range of choice than ever before.

Changes in consumer living, tastes and lifestyles have brought about demand for more unique surfaces and finishes, which has brought texture back into the mix for both modern and traditional kitchen designs.

The introduction of wood grain effect, acrylic, and matt doors has given consumers a chance to create an opportunity to create a one-off, personalised kitchen design that feels bespoke and personal to them.

Textures are now seen as important a factor as colour scheme, so ignore it at your peril! Whether the look you’re trying to achieve is sleek and modern, or warm and traditional, you’ll be able to find a texture that fits the bill.

An innovative new range of wood grain MFC board allows both traditional and modern kitchen designs to achieve a truly tactile, natural look and feel that is stylish, visually appealing, durable and cosy.

For those wanting a cleaner, more minimalist look, high definition gloss acrylic doors and matt finished doors are likely to appeal, as these lend themselves to a slab fronted, contemporary design which can be styled in almost any colour and effect.

To find out more about our range of textured board and doors, click here to view our full range

Sliding Into Action – Glide Bedroom Doors

Sliding Into Action – Glide Bedroom Doors

If you were working in the trade 10 years ago, it’s likely that you’d have never expected to see the re-appearance of sliding bedroom doors, but it’s true, they’re back, and more popular than ever!

Whether people are looking for a traditional full mirror door, a Japanese style (multiple panels in the same colour) or a modern 3 paneled door with a narrow central panel, people just can’t seem to get enough of them.

There are many reasons for this come back which help to explain why demand has risen so much in recent years.

A major consumer benefit is the look that can be achieved. Sliding bedroom doors provide a much cleaner, more contemporary look than traditional door styles, which ties in with today’s consumer lifestyle and buying habits.

Space is also a key reason too. Sliding doors save valuable floor space, allowing it to be better utilised for other pieces of bedroom furniture or to simply provide a greater sense of space and openness.

Virtually any look can now be achieved using sliding doors, whether you prefer mirrored, glass or textured panels; any taste can be catered to.

Sliding bedroom doors offer great cost savings too, as they remove the need for fully fitted bedroom furniture, without compromising on storage space and functionality. The simplicity of supplying and fitting sliding doors is so much quicker than the traditional fitted bedroom, which helps to make it a much more efficient process for retailers and installers alike.

Sliding doors offer the trade much simpler design routes too. With modern computer aided design software, doors can be visualised in 3D, making it easy for consumers to see what their room might look like without having to do endless sketches and drawings of the room design and layout.

So for those who think sliding doors are a new fad that will disappear in a year or two, I’d have to disagree, as it looks like they’re here to stay!

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