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Festive Looks for Christmas

Whilst it might not be an everyday part of a kitchen designer or installers job, we thought it was time to take a look at Christmas, and how our kitchen designs could influence this much loved time of year in a way that gives consumers a much more pleasurable festive experience within their kitchen space.

Most people love Christmas; it's a great time of year for family, socialising and just being together, and as such, it's likely that the kitchen will see the most use of any given time in the year, so why not design it to make sure that time is as special as possible.

The way to make this happen is by planning ahead - try to understand how your customer wants to use the kitchen over the festive period, whether that's for family gatherings, cooking, or just general entertaining within the household.

With this plan in mind, you can then understand how they want to use the space, from where they might want to place Christmas trees, decorations and lights, and how your design can either facilitate, or hinder this desire for a perfect festive look.

Once you've got this spec in mind, ensuring elements such as adequate electrical points are in place is key for Christmas lights and decorations, whilst also making sure that there is still adequate space to entertain and cook without interference from Christmas accessories and decorations.

Lighting plays a key part in that warm Christmas feel too, so make sure to select kitchen lighting solutions that can be changed for the time of year, such as colour changing LED lighting, or low voltage dimmable lighting that can help create a certain mood and atmosphere that better reflects Christmas and all its wonder.

Ask your customer a few questions too, making sure you've covered all the bases. Here are a few suggestions that might just help out.

Christmas Tree - Whilst most people expect to see the Christmas Tree in a living room, we are seeing more consumers place them in their kitchen dining spaces as the room often gets much more use in modern day living. Understanding where this needs to go, and what colour schemes might best compliment the kitchen design helps the consumer to have a happier, more hassle free Christmas, as well as a stunning centre piece to the room.

Decorations - Whether it's planning on where to place a wreath, garland or Christmas ornaments, it's good to think well ahead with how these might interact with the kitchen layout. Ensuring there are discreet but useful tie down points for garlands and Christmas lights means your customer will not only have a fantastic Christmas experience, but they'll also adore the kitchen you've designed and installed, wowing friends and family who hopefully in turn will commission you to do the same for them!

Accessories - Christmas accessories are often seen littered around the house, whether that's ornaments, decorations or just a few advent calendars, but consider this in your design too. The use of open shelving lends itself perfectly to accessories, and allows for the kitchen to be given that festive look with next to no additional effort from your customer.

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