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Textures Gaining Pace

Kitchen trends have been changing over the last few years, and thanks to the introduction of new and innovative materials, finishes and production processes, there is a much wider range of choice than ever before.

Changes in consumer living, tastes and lifestyles have brought about demand for more unique surfaces and finishes, which has brought texture back into the mix for both modern and traditional kitchen designs.

The introduction of wood grain effect, acrylic, and matt doors has given consumers a chance to create an opportunity to create a one-off, personalised kitchen design that feels bespoke and personal to them.

Textures are now seen as important a factor as colour scheme, so ignore it at your peril! Whether the look you’re trying to achieve is sleek and modern, or warm and traditional, you’ll be able to find a texture that fits the bill.

An innovative new range of wood grain MFC board allows both traditional and modern kitchen designs to achieve a truly tactile, natural look and feel that is stylish, visually appealing, durable and cosy.

For those wanting a cleaner, more minimalist look, high definition gloss acrylic doors and matt finished doors are likely to appeal, as these lend themselves to a slab fronted, contemporary design which can be styled in almost any colour and effect.

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